Actionable insights for better decision-making

We enable insights for our clients on which they and their stakeholders can make informed decisions and take appropriate action. We make sure the right problems are solved, using key data and strategic stakeholder engagement. Through fact-based communication, we enable our clients to create value, foster change, and make an impact in and beyond their organisations.

Knowledge generation

We create sustainability knowledge based on processes of defining the challenges, data gathering and analysis, and enabling change.

  • Impact clarification
    Through market, risk, and trend analyses supplemented with appropriate problem-solving models, we help our clients better understand and prioritise the challenge at hand.
  • Data gathering and analysis
    We combine methods of data collection and analytical frameworks to challenge the status quo, shape discussions, and impact decisions.
  • Fostering change
    We help our clients craft the arguments to key  decision makers to foster a changed behaviour within their  organisation and stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

Through stakeholder mapping, ongoing involvement, and a focus on materiality, we help our clients push the envelope for lasting impact.​

  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis​
    By analysing stakeholder networks and engaging stakeholders, we create a deeper understanding of how we can enable change.
  • Creating value through involvement​
    We integrate stakeholder engagement strategies in our projects for clear objectives, open communication, and effective risk management.
  • Ensuring materiality in project delivery​
    By reviewing the materiality of project outcomes across internal and external stakeholder groups, we deliver lasting value and approval.

Change communication

Through fact-based and engaging communication, we help clients raise the bar and create the change they want to see.

  • Creating strategic narratives​
    We communicate climate science and sustainability analyses in a way that is easily understood and develop narratives for increased impact. ​
  • Agenda-setting​
    Through individualised communication campaigns, our work is widely distributed, helping our clients set agendas and facilitate change. ​
  • Enabling buy-in
    We help our clients develop clear and convincing arguments and presentations to use for both internal and external purposes.