Building capacity to take the big leaps

Many companies have trouble keeping up with stakeholders’ expectations for forward-looking strategies, clear leadership, and diligent reporting on sustainability. Even when the motivation for far-reaching change is present in top management, the organisation can struggle to deliver sound support for strategic decision-making on sustainability. We build the capacity of the organisation and equip management and employees to define and meet ambitious sustainability targets.


Anchoring and implementation of strategy

We support the implementation of new strategies by developing plans, training, and providing support for partnering with external resources.

  • Implementation support
    We work with the client to map the fastest route to the desired results by building on the insights gained from the strategy proces, and we can support with knowledge of both culture and capacity of the organisation to secure real change.
  • Training
    We build our clients’ capacity to deliver on ambitious strategies via training programs and executive workshops for board and management.
  • Partnering
    We assist in finding and developing the opportunities for partnerships for sustainability with other business, academia, and NGOs.

Future-Fit group assessments

Developed for the larger SME segment, the group assessment is a six month process, in which companies develop their Future-Fit baseline assessment and train employees to use it.

  • Especially for SMEs
    The group assessment allows SMEs to work with leading sustainability tools at a fraction of the normal price, as they instead invest in upskilling one or more employees.
  • Six months training
    Participants meet in six two-day bootcamps and in between they develop their company’s Future-Fit Baseline assessment with guidance from instructors.
  • Open source combined with Master Classes
    All Future-Fit materials are open source. Combined with training, bespoke tools, ongoing sparring, we give participants a head start in working with the system.

Mentoring and ongoing support

We believe in relationships rather than transactions and stay with the clients as long as they need us. Often this takes the form of a low-key support or mentoring deal, where our consultants are available for sparring and assistance when they are needed.

  • Support subscription
    Ongoing support plan where we guarantee availability.
  • Mentoring and regular check-ins
    Support for sustainability managers who need sparring that they cannot gain from their own organisation.