Future-Fit Guided Self-assessment Program

The management tool of sustainability champions – now available for all.

Sustainbility continues to climb the corporate agenda with few business not realizing that to be succesful in the coming years they need to become more sustainable. However, few companies know exactly what to do, how to prioritise or what corporate sustainability actually means – for their operations, procurement, product development and sales.

Future-Fit is a management tool that breaks down the complexity of corporate sustainability into a set of concrete and operational goals, which is the main reason that multinationals such as Novo Nordisk, Hempel and Coloplast have adopted it.

The guided self-assesment is a unique program where a company employee develops and deploys the Future-Fit Business Benchmark in their company. It allows companies of all sizes to develop their own state-of-the-art Future-Fit baseline. And because we are guiding your own employee(s) in doing the analysis, the process will build capacity in your organization to integrate the baseline in and keep it updated for years to come

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What is Future-Fit and what does is do?

Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a sustainability baseline tool designed for businesses. Like the UN Global Goals (SDGs) it consider economic, environmental and social performance, but unlike the SGDs it is designed for being an operational tool for businesses. What Future-Fit does:

  • It makes the company’s sustainability performance transparent and manageable
  • It breaks down sustainability to concrete areas af action for each department of the company
  • It guides priorities and strategy
  • It helps avoid greenwashing
  • It lets the company report according to the EU Taxonomy

What is the Guided Self-assesment?

The Future-Fit Guided Self-Assessment is a 6-month program, where a company employee develops and deploys the Future-Fit Business Benchmark in their company. During the program, participants will:

  • Learn how to do a Future-Fit baseline guided by our experienced consultants
  • Develop the baseline for their company and learn how to use it in strategy development and day to day operations
  • Spar with our consultants on how to handle the specific sustainability challenges and opportunities of their organization
  • Get ready to be a certified Future-Fit consultant (certifications are issued by Future-Fit Foundation)

Who is it for?

Completing the guide assessment program will bring unique new skills and benefits to both he participants and the company they work for. Participants are trained in using the Future-Fit methodology to a point where they are ready to become certified consultants.

The company gets a Future-Fit baseline assessment that will normally need 4-8 weeks of consultant time to complete and employee(s) skilled in using the system to guide both strategy and daily decisions. The ideal participant:

  • is motivated
  • has previous knowledge on corporate sustainability is helpful but is not necessary
  • has the time needed to complete the program (appr. 1/4 of an FTE for 6 months besides boot camps)

Why work with us?

Nordic Sustainability was the first consultant to partner with the Future-Fit Fundation, the developers of the benchmark. Today we are among the leading Future-Fit consultancies globally. We have used Future-Fit to guide multinational corporates, pension funds, and civil society organisations.

The guided self-assessment is the only program of its kind that allows also smaller companies to gain the benefits of working with Future-Fit. By joining our program you will get:

  • Training and sparring from experienced Future-Fit consultants
  • Our unique templates to support the assessment
  • Support in obtaining your own certification as a Future-Fit consultant (assessment itself is done by Future-Fit Foundation)



What does it take?

The Future-Fit guided self-assessment is a chance to employ one of the strongest sustainability management tools in the market at a reduced cost as compared to hiring consultants. Company employee handles the data gathering and crunching with our consultants acting as instructors and sparring partners. To do a guided self-assesment you should reckon with the participant(s):

  • Spending 12 days over approximately 6 months at program bootcamps
  • Spending approximately 25 % of work time between bootcamps of developing the Future-Fit baseline
  • Work can be split between two or more employees if they join the program together