April 8, 2021

Circular economy expert joins Nordic Sustainability

We are very excited to introduce you to Maja! Maja recently joined Nordic Sustainability as a Manager.

Maja is an interdisciplinary generalist with a strong international profile and a background in circular economy and systems thinking. Maja completed her MSc in Technological and Socio-Economic Planning at Roskilde University, where she spent many hours engaging with factories, companies, and decision-makers to investigate how to drive a sustainable and circular transition. Her studies also included time abroad in both Iceland and Brussels.

Maja has spent over four years working at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s government and cities team on the Isle of Wight in the UK. In this role, she supported governments and policy institutions, ran workshops for the network of the Foundation, conducted research, and generally contributed to driving sustainable thought leadership.

Back in Denmark and prior to joining Nordic Sustainability, Maja was a Sustainability Consultant at Metabolic where she applied systems thinking and data science to help governments, businesses, and NGOs set science-based targets and become sustainable. Maja has also been engaged in freelance projects in relation to circular economy, sustainable transitions, and environmental policy.

Maja is passionate about sustainability because working in this field entails the need and opportunity to apply interdisciplinary and innovative thinking, as well as collaborating with thought leaders across all sectors.

In her spare time, Maja enjoys spending her time outdoors – ideally by, on, or in the sea.

We are so excited and proud to have Maja join our team!