May 19, 2022

Jeppe and Eamon join Nordic Sustainability!

We are excited to introduce you to our new team members: Jeppe (left) and Eamon (right). Jeppe recently joined as a Consultant, and Eamon as an Associate Consultant.


Jeppe: empathetic approach to problem solving and sustainability integration

Throughout his studies in Sustainable Design Engineering and while working in Bang & Olufsen’s product management department, Jeppe developed a wide set of skills within the fields of sustainability and innovation. Although he is somewhat of a sustainability generalist, he has a particular interest in integrating sustainability as a driver of innovation in product design processes.

Jeppe is also passionate about creating value for stakeholders at the intersection of sustainability and strategy. He strongly believes that an empathetic approach to problem solving is the prerequisite for creating lasting impact, and that being a good listener is central to identifying barriers and drivers for positive change.

In his pursuit to promote sustainable development, Jeppe strives to ensure that decision making is based on a strong foundation of data and knowledge. Such a foundation could include quantitative impact assessment data or qualitative insights gained through stakeholder engagement. It is in the process of generating such qualitative insights that Jeppe believes an emphatic approach is essential, as it enables the capacity building and re-shaping of organizational structures needed to support new and sustainable practices.

Outside of work, Jeppe can often be found in the middle of some construction or tinkering project. Besides this, he enjoys cooking for his girlfriend and daughter, or exploring new places to get coffee or drinks with friends.


Eamon: creating impactful analyses through data-driven approaches

Coming from Vancouver, Canada Eamon brings significant experience in sustainability in the built environment, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and deep carbon retrofits. With a background in Civil Engineering, he has worked with sustainability in several fields ranging from municipal water resource recovery to driving energy savings through digitally connected home automation. He is passionate about creating impactful analyses through data-driven approaches.

Growing up close to the Rocky Mountains, Eamon spent much of his childhood summers hiking and exploring this natural playground, and winters skiing down (and occasionally up) some of those same slopes. It was these early experiences that spurred a deep respect for nature which Eamon hopes to preserve for future generations.

After working in Canada for two years, Eamon was eager to understand how sustainability differs across markets and moved to Copenhagen in August 2021 to start a M.Sc. in Sustainable Cities. He is currently studying tools for quantifying and analyzing the challenges with sustainable transitions as well as understanding how policy, citizens, practice, and organizations influence change. He wants to leverage this skillset to build a more livable, sustainable, and equitable future for all.

In his spare time, Eamon can be found biking around the city, seeing friends, attempting to improve his street photography game, and finding ways to be immersed in nature. He is also (slowly) learning Danish and aspires to visit each EU-27 country.


We are very happy to have Jeppe and Eamon on the team!