July 6, 2022

New Consultant joins Nordic Sustainability

We have a new colleague on board! Let us present to you David, who recently joined our team as a Consultant.

Sustainable development – from coffee to CO2

Having worked and studied international development, David has seen his share of well-meaning donor-funded projects that could not stand on their own once the funds had run out. He thus sees it as being imperative that solutions to sustainability challenges can function in a market-driven environment, especially if they are to have wide application. As part of Nordic Sustainability, David is looking forward to continuing assisting companies in becoming fit for the future, and to utilize his experience in working with agribusinesses – a sector in which sustainability is and will be a key focus in coming years.

David believes that complex issues are best tackled with an interdisciplinary approach. As such, he has acquired a broad skillset that he utilizes in his work with clients. Through conducting complex data analyses in RStudio and creating user-friendly Excel-models to utilizing qualitative methods, David seeks to understand the issue at play from multiple perspectives.

Prior to joining Nordic Sustainability, David worked as an analyst at NewForesight, a Dutch consultancy firm, where he was tasked with data analysis, stakeholder management, and strategy development. At NewForesight, he worked with multiple frontrunning organizations in the agribusiness sector, including The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG), The Body Shop, as well as other MNCs. The specific projects were manifold and included for instance feasibility studies of herb production in Egypt, analyses of ESG risks in Indian and African tea value chains, and pricing studies of commodities from shea butter to recycled plastics. Earlier on in his career, David has held student positions at Fairtrade Denmark, Altinget, and the Danish Food & Agriculture Council, as well as a temporary consultancy position at the Dutch FairChain Foundation. He holds a master’s degree in Environment & Development from the University of Copenhagen.

In his spare time, David enjoys music, reading, and sports such as CrossFit, running, and beach volley. Alongside this, he seeks to constantly optimize his career and personal life through self-development and life design, utilizing the tools and mindsets developed by experts such as Tim Ferriss and Cal Newport. And when that becomes too much, you will find him drinking IPAs, preferably at one of Refshaleøen’s techno festivals.