June 12, 2019

New consultant joins our team

Say hi to Matt. He is the newest member of the Nordic Sustainability team and we’re delighted to have him with us. Matt has recently graduated from Copenhagen University’s interdisciplinary Climate Change master’s, where he specialized on the modern food system. This summer, his main task will be to analyse and write the latest Cities100 report, in collaboration with Realdania and C40 Cities, which will be gathering the 100 most innovative city climate solutions in the world (and as a new thing featuring a chapter on urban food solutions).

Ahead of his time
Matt has a degree in zoology and was on track to become a filmmaker, when he won a prestigous award for his first documentary documenting the issues of ocean plastic in the Swedish west coast – already in 2014. Yet, as he found out that “conservation isn’t sexy enough” in the natural history film industry, he moved on to study climate change in order to eventually be able to have a larger impact.

In his master’s thesis, he highlighted the significant impacts that the food system continues to have on both people and planet, and identified a number of agricultural alternatives that could be employed in the near future. When Matt is not at work, he undertakes a number of activist activities to showcase the global issues of our current food system.

One of Matt’s key interests is delving into how global society can meet the SDGs, whilst remaining within the nine planetary boundaries. This will require significant systemic reforms to take place across society, which is why he is so excited to be joining Nordic Sustainability, the Nordic’s first and only accredited consulting partner with the Future Fit Business Benchmark, aiding businesses to become fit for the 21st century.