March 17, 2020

New Senior Consultant and climate specialist joins Nordic Sustainability

Say hi to Ole!

He is the newest member of Nordic Sustainability, joining as a Senior Consultant after 2.5 years in London working as Senior Manager for Business Actions for The Climate Group. Coordinating The Climate Group’s award-winning sustainability campaigns RE100, EP100, and EV100, Ole has assisted more than 300 of the biggest and most climate-ambitious companies in the world in achieving emissions reductions through switching to renewable electricity, electric vehicles, and scaling up energy efficiency. We’re extremely happy that he has chosen to come to Copenhagen and bring these experiences to our team and clients.

Ole will be a strong addition to our work on reducing greenhouse gas emissions using both the Future-Fit Business Benchmark and Science Based Targets toolboxes. Ole wants you to become carbon neutral We’re looking forward to having Ole support our clients in finding credible and affordable ways of achieving significant reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions.

To introduce you to the inside Ole’s brain, we have asked for his three top strategy recommendations for organisations who want to start their journey towards carbon neutrality:

1. Understand the urgency. Even without considering the arguments of joint responsibility of tackling climate change, the risk of stranded assets, broken supply chains, unhappy costumers and investors, and upcoming climate-related government legislation will mean that all businesses have significant and immediate incentives to act.

2. Develop an overview of your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. You can’t solve a problem you don’t know the scope and causes of.

3. Set ambitious and specific emission reductions targets and publish them. By doing so you’ll secure continuous buy-in from board and senior leadership and it’ll be easier to integrate your efforts into all parts of your business.

Actually, he didn’t stop with just three recommendations. Because, once you’ve created the strategic focus you need, you may as well consider these three things while you’re at it:

1. Scale up on energy efficiency. You’ll find that your sustainability efforts in energy efficiency can quickly end up paying for other emission reduction activities. After all, the cheapest energy is the one you’re not using.

2. Become an active renewable electricity buyer/producer. Whether you want to install solar panels on your roofs, engage in power purchase agreements, or create green contracts with suppliers you’re credibly contributing to lower emissions from the electricity you’re consuming. And after all, renewable electricity is the cheapest source of energy in many places in the world.

3. Consider electrifying your transport and put up charging infrastructure at your premises. You’ll find that you’ll face increasing restrictions on where you can drive your petrol and diesel cars going forwards, which can impact your options for making deliveries, attend meetings, and for your staff to get to work. It also makes economic sense, as the total cost of ownership of an electric car is already lower than that of a conventional petrol or diesel car.