January 10, 2022

New Senior Consultant joins Nordic Sustainability

We are eager to introduce you to Felix – our newest addition to the team!

Felix brings valuable corporate sustainability experience from across the wind energy, automotive, and retail industry; and through his view into the machine rooms of various large corporates, he will advise Nordic Sustainability’s private sector clients in navigating the complex world of sustainability strategy, standards, and regulation.

Interdisciplinary thinking creates meaningful impact

Felix is a sustainability all-rounder, having previously worked in the sustainability departments of Vestas Wind Systems, Volkswagen Group, and Danish retailer Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Most recently, he was the overall project lead, editor, and reporting specialist for Vestas’ Sustainability Report 2020.

With a flair for combining analysis and strategy, Felix likes to tackle challenges systematically – for example by using food waste data to identify hotspots, root causes, and key solutions. This approach was developed during the years studying towards his degrees in philosophy, economics, and business administration at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and Copenhagen Business School. Interested in pursuing the larger questions of economic and social systems, it has always been Felix’ desire to initiate meaningful and lasting change.

When not nerding around in sustainability, Felix can be found on the tennis court or in his running shoes. He also loves to head-dive into classical and contemporary literature. With roots in rural Western Germany, Felix appreciates the quiet parts of life just as much as frequently getting together with his closest friends.

We’re very excited to have Felix on the team!