February 16, 2022

Nordic Sustainability welcomes two new Associate Consultants!

Last week, we welcomed two new Associate Consultants to our team: Emma and Aniket. Emma recently returned from Cairo, bringing with her valuable learnings from the fields of energy and climate and a reinforced passion for humanitarian issues, while Aniket with his background in engineering and experience from the air pollution control sector aims to bring technology and business closer together. 

Passionate about building a green economy in the global South

Emma is back at Nordic Sustainability after six months of exploring the beautiful country of Egypt. After three years of living in Denmark, Emma wanted to work abroad and saw the energy & climate internship at the Danish Embassy in Cairo as the perfect opportunity to do so. At the embassy, Emma worked on facilitating the renewable energy cooperation between Denmark and Egypt, developed a new sustainability strategy for the embassy, and got insights into the field of climate diplomacy.

Growing up on the beautiful West Coast of Canada meant that Emma spent most of her childhood outdoors. Her passion for sustainability is deeply connected to her time spent skiing, camping, and hiking in British Columbia’s mountains. Upon graduating high school, Emma decided to pursue a BSc in International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School and focus on the sustainability and economic development perspective of business. Throughout her studies, Emma has enjoyed being engaged in student societies, where she got her first taste of sustainability consulting through the organization 180 Degrees Consulting. She enjoys still being engaged in CBS AID, an organization that seeks to raise awareness about inequality and humanitarian issues. Emma is currently enjoying taking a break from her studies to do internships and travel, and she has also taken this newfound spare time to read more books and try to learn Arabic (although the latter is still very much a work in progress).

Sustainability through a technical lens  

Having spent his childhood in the suburbs of Mumbai, Aniket was surprised to see the changes in the coastline, compelling him to already early on reflect and think about the rapid environmental changes our world was and is going through. With a natural curiosity to understand how things around him functioned, Aniket went on to pursue a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. To fully grasp the impact of rapid industrialization on the environment in a fast-growing country like India, he dove into the industrial air pollution control sector after graduating. Aniket’s love for football and hunger for adventure later brought him to Denmark, where he now studies a MSc in Engineering – Technology based Business Development at Aarhus University. His affinity towards a structured approach to problem solving and participation in case competitions allowed him to dwell into strategy consulting, and a previous internship with Bain & Co further strengthened his resolve to pursue a career in consulting.

Aniket believes that our core competence as people is to understand and improve the human condition as well as the world around us. He is delighted to start this new chapter at Nordic Sustainability, and is eager to be an integral part of the company’s beer pong team. In his spare time, Aniket is always up for a quick hike, bar hopping, and a game of cricket – although not necessarily in that order.


Welcome (back) to the team, Emma and Aniket – we’re stoked to have you both on board!