November 24, 2022

Ottilly and Yelizaveta join our team!

Let us introduce to you Ottilly – our new Senior Consultant – and Yelizaveta, who’s taken on the role as our Office & Finance Assistant!  

Bringing together finance and sustainability  

Born and raised in London, Ottilly has now set foot in Copenhagen to join our team of kickass consultants. Having worked as an ESG and Climate Consultant in the financial services sector, she brings solid knowledge in sustainable finance taxonomy development, ESG strategy, climate risk review, and stakeholder engagement.  

Prior to joining Nordic Sustainability, Ottilly was part of the ‘Climate & Sustainability in Financial Services’ team at Baringa Partners, where she was working across the financial sector to support corporations on their journey towards having a more positive environmental and social impact. Ottilly has also worked across global banks, asset managers, and PE firms, where she for instance led the build-out of a new ESG strategy for the EMEA branch of a Global bank.   

Furthermore, Ottilly is passionate about making sustainability accessible and understandable. In the world of thousands of acronyms and regulations, she strives to help unpick the confusion, and work with her clients to bring out a maximum positive impact. Her degree in business from the University of Manchester paired with her recent sustainable finance accreditation from the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership allows her to translate sustainable trends into the corporate context.  

Her love for the planet comes from her love for nature, inspired by her travels and family. When she is not in the office, she loves to spend her time outdoors – e.g., going for a run or a hike. She also enjoys downtime with a good book or trawling through vintage shops. As someone who has her roots in London but spent a chunk of her childhood living in France, so (naturally) also loves all things French.  


Bringing new accounting and management skills to Nordic Sustainability   

Yelizaveta – also known as Liza – will be joining us as our Office & Finance Assistant, bringing with her solid expertise in management and accounting.    

Liza is originally from Dnipro, Ukraine, but came to Denmark during the summer of 2022. One of the biggest culture shocks she experienced was seeing how strangers on the streets treated each other with mutual respect and understanding, something she mentioned to feeling inspired by. Settling in Denmark also strengthened her interest in sustainability: “European countries, especially the Scandinavian ones, have always fascinated me with their responsibility and concern for the environment. I would like to be a part of this sort of society.”  

Prior to joining Nordic Sustainability, Liza was the Manager of the commercial department at Omega Ltd in Ukraine, where she kept herself busy consolidating campaigns, overseeing the external communications, as well as forming and maintaining partnership agreements with suppliers. Earlier on in her career, Liza worked as an auditor-inspector at the Ukranian State Tax Service, primarily focusing on VAT-related matters.  

Liza has a master’s degree in Management from the University of Customs and Finance in Dnipro, Ukraine. Currently, she is continuing her studies remotely at an Estonian programming school while learning Danish on the side – in other words, she’s on the way to become a true Danish speaking IT badass!  

In the evenings or during the weekends, you can find Liza reading a popular scientific book with a cup of tea in her hand, alternatively enjoying a refreshing cocktail in one of Copenhagen’s cool bars. She also loves taking long strolls through the streets of Copenhagen.