Ongoing strategic sustainability support for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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A two-year subscription model to support Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with strategic sustainability guidance and effective implementation power.

The brief

Upon finalising a double materiality assessment and Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Louisiana Museum of Modern Arts, Nordic Sustainability was commissioned to continue with sustainability services for two years.

The Sustainability Support Subscription Model will provide Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with on-going strategic guidance from Nordic Sustainability’s experts across strategy, climate, circularity, governance, and much more.

Our approach


projects supported by leading experts across various sustainability topics

The Sustainability Support Subscription Model is designed to provide the right conditions for an effective and ambitious sustainability transition. The aim is to successfully anchor sustainability operationally and strategically at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

The two-year model is built on a plan detailing each step to sustainability leadership. Through quarterly planning and coordination, the right pace of progress is ensured. A side from bi-weekly on-site days spend at Louisiana, experts from Nordic Sustainability are available for continuous sparring and support upon request. Capacity training, sparring, and bringing in latest sustainability developments and knowledge into the organisation enables Louisiana to confidently take lead.


The aim is to develop, execute, and implement Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s first sustainability strategy and ensure a solid confidence of all department leads to continue the work of the sustainability transition after the subscription model ends.

Louisiana is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Nordic Sustainability for the next two years.

Carsten Skjøt

CFO, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art