Engaging with Oatly’s stakeholders on sustainability communications

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Oatly wished to gather insight on how they could engage with suppliers, customers, co-workers, business associations, and investors around sustainability, and particularly how to communicate Oatly’s sustainability ambitions and progress to them in the best possible ways. ​ The project was run by Oatly’s sustainability engagement team together with a team of consultants from Nordic Sustainability.

The brief

Oatly asked for our help in understanding how they could better communicate about their sustainability efforts to their rapidly growing and diversifying pool of stakeholders. Along with a report outlining the results and recommendations, documentation to enable replication of the process was part of the task, as well as ensuring representation from all Oatly markets across the project.

Our approach


Survey respondents from 5 key stakeholder groups from 20+ countries

Through stakeholder mapping and prioritisation exercises, the five most salient stakeholder groups for the project were identified. A set of survey questions for each of the selected stakeholder groups were developed and then validated by Oatly colleagues from various business functions and regions in a joint workshop. Stakeholders from over twenty countries were contacted through the surveys, and concrete recommendations – informed by the survey answers – on how Oatly’s sustainability efforts could be further improved were presented in a final report.


The project culminated in a final report outlining key findings as well as recommendations on how Oatly’s different business functions could make the information actionable. In addition we provided Oatly a step-by-step guide enabling them to replicate the process in the future and keep engaging with their stakeholders in accordance with the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).