Strategy consulting for

the leaders of tomorrow.

At Nordic Sustainability we are transforming sustainability strategy consulting - moving beyond tomorrow’s best practice and creating lasting environmental, societal and commercial value for our clients and their stakeholders.

Our services Our approach

Sustainability, integrated, credibly.

Whether it be mitigating risks in supply chains, responding to stakeholder requirements and material issues or transforming business models and operations, we work with our clients to build resilience while maintaining competitive advantage now and in the future.


Strategic sustainability.

We apply the latest systems thinking and environmental science to create ambitious, actionable strategies that make it possible for businesses to anticipate, embrace and thrive in the new normal.

We start with sustainability based on science

Companies must look beyond making incremental improvements and instead start looking at the 'necessary' changes in line with science that need to be made to ensure they continue growing sustainably. It is only by starting with the end-in-mind, that companies can break the cycle of reactivity and start their journey towards creating a planet-positive business model.

We embrace the individuality of our clients’ context

Every company is unique, often operating within hugely complex supply chains and global systems. That’s why a sustainability strategy must be based on systems thinking and science, and tailored to the company's unique context and individual needs.

We ground it in value creation

Only strategies that extract value from sustainability will gain the leadership buy-in necessary for success. Our strategies are focussed on identifying and capitalising on the opportunities that sustainability offers, delivering positive commercial outcomes - as well as purposeful ones - that are integrated into the core business strategy.

We bring everyone on the journey

It’s a long journey so getting everyone on-board and aligned is essential. We ensure all stakeholders are consulted, engaged and fully bought-in, as well as providing capacity building, training and mentoring to empower implementation teams.