Strategic processes for sustainability impact

We help create and implement actionable sustainability strategies with clear targets, linked to the SDGs. Based on Future-Fit, we support our clients in changing their business models making their operations sustainable.

Baseline analysis

Understanding an organisation’s impacts, stakeholder expectations, and disruption risks, helps management align their perspective on the organisation’s challenges and potential opportunities.

  • Future-Fit analysis or other baseline analysis
    We analyse the impact of company operations by examining issues such as emissions, waste, water, employee regulations, procurement, and invested assets.
  • Footprint analyses
    We calculate emissions around Scope 1, 2, and 3, and help our clients be compliant with the Science Based Targets and other initiatives.
  • Stakeholder analysis
    By analysing industry-specific and regulatory or societal trends, we help our clients understand the context in which they operate.

Organisational sustainability strategy

Well anchored and ambitious strategies are key to ensure that a business will stay relevant. A clear vision, KPIs, and targets need to be developed and translated into the right initiatives to achieve them.

  • Sustainability vision and target setting
    Through a proven process, we help executives set targets and develop a vision for their organisation with regards to sustainability. This includes operational aspects and a strong element of business model transformation.
  • Implementation support
    Strategies need good implementation plans to stick. We support our clients in creating clear plans and transformation theories for their organisation. We also work together with our clients to provide operational support, whether it concerns planning an EV transition or setting up of specific departmental strategies.

Making business models sustainable

Transforming business models will be necessary as our societies transition to become more sustainable. We employ a “sustainable growth with absolute reductions” mindset in our strategy work and we help our clients work towards the most ambitious goals.

  • Business model sustainability analysis
    We analyse business models and growth initiatives identified as part of ongoing strategy processes with a sustainability lens. We identify weaknesses and create clear suggestions and plans for how our clients could improve.
  • Creating new business models
    In addition to transforming existing business models, creating new products and services around real sustainability is vital for a company’s survival. We set up principles and processes with our clients to ensure against greenwashing.


Making operations sustainable

We consider reducing the impact of an organisation’s operations to be the minimum standard. Reduction within planetary boundaries is unfortunately not yet generally applied. This is where we come in.

  • Emissions reduction
    We analyse emissions of switching to renewable electricity and EVs and support with feasibility studies or other reduction options.
  • Alignment with key initiatives
    We help clients identify relevant initiatives, such as Science Based Targets, clarify requirements, and develop implementation plans.
  • Waste and plastics reduction
    Waste and plastics production and disposal must be considered. We help clients reduce waste and plastic in operations and products.