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The financial services sector has a pivotal role to play in facilitating the transformation needed in society. We help our clients integrate science-based sustainability thinking into their processes and goals to unlock opportunities and manage transition risks. 

Be part of the “Just Transition”.

Financial services are facing a myriad of sustainability-related challenges that are transforming how the sector does business. Shifting public expectations and incoming regulation and disclosure requirements are driving a need for greater transparency and positive impact in the financial services sector. This can result in uncertainty on what to disclose, how to measure ESG impacts and where to focus efforts to drive wider societal and financial value.

At Nordic Sustainability we recognise the specific set of problems the financial industry faces and have set up a specific set of diagnostics and solutions targeted at solving the precise challenges the sector faces. We take an industry specific approach while applying our own science-based sustainability knowledge and experience – enabling us to go deeper, faster, unlocking the opportunities the ‘Just Transition’ presents.

Products and services

  • Sustainability/ ESG strategy and integration across own operations and financial products and services
  • M&A integration of sustainability into screening and post-merger processes
  • ESG Due Diligence to assess risks and opportunities of potential investments
  • ESG regulatory and disclosure preparation around the Green Deal, CSRD, SFDR, TCFD, SS319 and the EU Taxonomy

The financial sector is the facilitator for growth in society, therefore ensuring it is leading the ‘Just Transition’ is key to its success. Financial actors face a set of unique sustainability challenges due to the range of industries they invest in, lend to and assets they manage. This puts them in a powerful position to enable their customers to drive real world sustainable growth.

Ottilly Mould

Senior Consultant at Nordic Sustainability and Sustainable Finance SME

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