Social sustainability

Sustainability is as much about the health and happiness of our society as it is the environment. We help our clients set ambitious social goals that create value across the business, from talent acquisition to broader organisational reputation.

Make a positive impact on your communities.

A considered and ambitious approach to social impact is essential for any organisation that aspires to have a holistic and modern sustainability strategy. A clear social ambition not only enables the timely spotting and minimising potential negative impacts, it also creates value through employee retention and attraction, improved investor relations and organisational reputation.

We help our clients analyse the organisation’s social impacts on not only employees but also workers in the value chain, affected communities and consumers – enabling the setting of goals on diversity, inclusion and equal pay. And our services cover the full strategic life cycle, identifying material social sustainability topics, determining the starting point for action, creating strategic goals and roadmaps, and assessing readiness to meet upcoming regulatory requirements for both reporting and due diligence.

Products and services

  • Double materiality assessment in line with European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)
  • Strategic goal setting for social goals
  • Identify data gaps to monitor progress on social sustainability
  • Future-Fit assessment on People (baselining and impact)
  • Assess readiness to meet EU taxonomy requirements on minimum Human Rights safeguards
  • Assess impacts of Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

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