Sustainable procurement

Sourcing and procurement are key to addressing value chain impacts. We help our clients set ambitious procurement strategies, mapping impacts and engaging suppliers to sustainably transform their upstream supply chains.

Address impacts across the entire value chain.

An organisation’s sourcing and procurement functions are central to sustainability with the largest material impacts mostly occurring in the value chain. Furthermore upcoming regulatory requirements are accelerating and broadening the need for strong sustainability integration – with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) mandating much more transformative approaches to managing impacts. As a result these functions’ are critical in determining a company’s ability to both manage and address its upstream impacts.

We help our clients set ambitious sustainable procurement strategies, understand sourcing impacts and engage with suppliers. The goal being to set up long-term sustainable approaches to sourcing with concrete short-term steps that enable the organisation to build the processes and interactions necessary for transformation.

Products and services

  • Sustainable Procurement strategies to set targets and scope initiatives
  • Hotspot assessments to undertake comprehensive impact assessments, develop methodologies and comply to upcoming ESRS requirements
  • Supplier engagement programmes to encourage change
  • Capacity building with procurement staff and buyers

Leading procurement organisations are rapidly moving from current base-compliance approaches towards building structures and processes which comprehensively - and in line with science - address the impacts they have a share in. With our services, experience, and tools we enable companies to not only meet their obligations in this area - but excel.

Sven Beyersdorff,

Partner at Nordic Sustainability

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