We work to have impact for sustainability

Our values guide our everyday work. They provide direction, meaning, keep us on track to achieve our ambitions and are foundational to how we collaborate both inside and outside our organisation. They are rooted in the characteristics of the Nordic countries, but we work hard to keep an open mind and see the world through more than just one lens.
We believe in:


If our work is not about reducing negative – and amplifying positive – impacts, why bother? Our goal is always to create measurable results.


A defining factor in our work is trust. When there is trust, results are better and arrive faster. We strive to inspire trust in all our work.


We seek to be empathetic and generous as well as learn from and partner with dedicated people of all backgrounds and places.


We train ourselves to challenge the status quo, grow personally and professionally with our clients, and have fun along the way.


You can rely on us to bring the newest, fact-based insights, tools, and frameworks to our work.