August 25, 2022

We are expanding! Sebastian and Marlies join our team

Our team is expanding once again! Please join us in welcoming Sebastian, who will be joining us as a Senior Consultant, and Marlies, our new Communications Associate.


A unique perspective on transformation and a sympathetic approach to strategy building

Seb will be joining as the newest member of the rapidly growing climate team, and we are excited to utilise his extensive knowledge around carbon accounting and SBTi.

From a young age, Seb has had an interest in the natural world. Growing up close to nature hugely influenced his desire to protect it when then concept of anthropocentric climate change cropped into his consciousness.

Once completing his masters in Environmental Science at the University of Edinburgh, he was off to Kathmandu working for Utopia, a think tank attempting to embed sustainable practice within the city’s growth projects. The U.K., and opportunity to represent his nation on the lacrosse field, enticed Seb back to Europe where he has since been working on supporting companies transition to more sustainable practices at a U.K. based consultancy, Green Element.

Seb has been working within sustainability, carbon accounting, and company strategy for several years. Experience working with companies of all sizes from SMEs to multinationals gives him a unique perspective on transformation and a sympathetic approach to strategy building. An interdisciplinary background and extensive work experience within systems practice thinking allows him to cut through the noise of many complex challenges within sustainability. He has a particular interest in company impact on non-human life and is eager to encourage inclusion of biodiversity measures within any company strategy.

Outside of work, you can find him escaping to nature, enjoying an overpriced coffee in a cool café, reading, or playing lacrosse. Seb will be joining the team in Copenhagen and doing his best to absorb Danish culture (and maybe some language too).

Innovative and sustainable solutions through strategic communication

Having worked and studied in various locations around the globe, Marlies has now set foot in Copenhagen to work as a Communication Associate at Nordic Sustainability. Although she has an academic background in business and communication, sustainability plays a significant part in Marlies’ everyday life, reflected for instance in her passion for zero-waste cooking. 

Prior to joining Nordic Sustainability, Marlies held a student position at BOSCH Japan, where she was a part of the business development team within the Connected Mobility Solutions department, helping to build innovative and sustainable solutions within the mobility sector. She was also responsible for the internal marketing of her department, where she mastered the skill of managing programs/events and initiatives on social media platforms. 

Currently, Marlies is pursuing her studies in MSc Media and Communication studies at Lund University, where she engages herself with key issues and theories in media engagement, online citizenship, and digital communication. In parallel with her studies, Marlies has previously been working as a reporter for The Perspective Magazine, addressing current world issues regarding human security, equality, and sustainability. During her Bachelor studies in Global Business at Musashino University in Japan, she also spent time doing market research and business development for an IT start-up in India and Vietnam.

Besides her interests in sustainability and writing, Marlies’ two great passions – zero-waste cooking and art – motivate her to create great things out of limited resources every day. She is always excited to be trying new plant-based recipes with friends, using her self-grown vegetables and herbs from her garden. However, these hobbies might be soon replaced by café hopping and pastry hunting in Copenhagen.


Welcome on board Sebastian and Marlies!