March 6, 2019

We’re hiring! Summer/fall internships


Nordic Sustainability is a value-based consultancy working at the intersection of strategy and sustainability. We see sustainability as an innovation and strategy agenda. It is about staying relevant in a fast-moving world, where taking responsibility for impact is increasingly important to customers, employees, investors, and regulators.

This calls for consulting expertise that is less about compliance and more about strategic direction. We facilitate organisational change towards sustainability and help our clients become fit for the future by providing strategy processes and reviews, sustainability insights and analysis, as well as thought leadership and agenda setting.

We are looking for interns for the fall of 2019. Based in our Copenhagen office, the internship will allow you to play an integral part of a large climate change and city-related report writing project, while also experiencing various consulting assignments with our Nordic and international clients.

As an intern, you will serve as a full-time member of our team and receive day-to-day coaching in a culture that is focused on direct and clear feedback. We have an environment that’s strongly based on trust and we do our best to get our work done within standard working hours, with the ambition of having a lot of fun along the way.

Your mindset
– You live sustainability and seek to push the boundaries of what organisations and individuals can do to have an impact
– You always seek to deliver the highest quality possible and continuously push the envelope on what you can deliver
– You are a team player that can handle a diverse set of tasks – both the ones that challenge you and the ones you can do in your sleep
– You are proactive and not afraid to offer your perspective on how to best approach the project at hand

Your competencies
– Written English at native or comparable level
– Consulting experience, preferably within sustainability-related areas
– Ability to engage with complex climate change related content and communicate it in a clear and concise way with a focus on detail without getting too technical

Your responsibilities
– We expect you to co-author a best practice report in close collaboration with a large international partner
– We expect you to be able to run independent processes within projects with oversight of a project manager
– We expect you to be able to grow into having client contacts and have an interest in potentially continuing in the company after the internship

About us
We are a team of professionals with solid competencies within management consulting and sustainability. What makes us a team is our common ambition to have a deep, positive impact while also keeping ourselves accountable as a company. We are ambitious on behalf of our clients and we measure ourselves by those same standards.

Our name is Nordic Sustainability for a reason. We believe that by working according to the Nordic standards of work-life-balance, we become better consultants. We’re organised and get our work done on time and on target. By creating a work environment centered around healthy decision-making, we believe that our consultants also help our clients make better decisions. That’s how we understand professionalism.

How to apply
Interested candidates should do the following:

Write a short (one page) cover letter, expressing your motivation to do the internship and how you fit the company professionally and as a person. Try to link to projects you have done in the past and be clear about the most important attributes you will bring to Nordic Sustainability.

Applications should be sent in English to with the title “Internship at Nordic Sustainability”. Selected candidates will be invited for interviews. Deadline: March 20th, 2019.

The internship is paid and planned to start between June 1st and August 1st (please let us know when you would be able to start), and will last for approximately six months.