Every organisation’s strategy should be built on sustainability. We help you get there.

We see sustainability as an innovation and strategy agenda. It's about staying relevant in a fast-moving world where taking responsibility for your impact is increasingly more important to customers, employees, investors, and regulators. Equally, it means rethinking how you manage your organisation and the indicators you evaluate your performance on.

This calls for consulting expertise that is less about compliance and more about strategic direction. We facilitate organisational change towards sustainability and help our clients become fit for the future by providing strategy processes and reviews, sustainability insights, and analysis as well as thought leadership and agenda setting.

We are the first accredited consulting partner in the Nordics for the Future Fit Business Benchmark. The benchmark is developed by companies such as Novo Nordisk, Ørsted, and Body Shop. We are proud to be consulting with what we think is the most actionable and ambitious framework on becoming a truly sustainable business.

Our services

Strategic processes for sustainability impact

Working with clients to align current and future activities towards better business and effective governance. Based on SDG and future fitness frameworks, our approaches and tools take clients through systematic processes that drive business innovation and organisational development for sustainability impact.

Insights for better decision-making

Developing analyses and reports that help organisations make informed decisions and better understand their impacts and role in the industry and society at large. Our sustainability knowledge and experience within public and corporate risk and change management help clients take the right next steps.

Thought leadership for positioning

Shaping narratives on strategic agendas and helping clients demonstrate sustainability leadership. We help organisations push the envelope in today’s fast-changing world by creating internal alignment as well as telling the world about their sustainability activities, goals, and results.

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Pushing the sustainability agenda in the finance sector for more professional ESG management

Client: LD Fonde

LD Fonde is one of Denmark’s leading pension funds within sustainability and a Future-Fit Pioneer. We are collaborating with LD on a pilot program that aims for investee companies to professionalize their ESG work, by adopting the Future-Fit Benchmark. We designed a workshop toolkit to make it simple for the companies to get started on integrating sustainability into their strategic decision-making.

Future-Fit assessment and sustainability strategy development in manufacturing industry

Client: Hempel

We supported the world-leading supplier of coating solutions, Hempel, in further developing their sustainability strategy by applying the Future-Fit Business Benchmark. The Future-Fit assessment allowed Hempel to get a comprehensive and holistic understand of their societal impact, supported by data gathered from across the business. This is informing decision-making processes and priority-setting for how Hempel can continue embedding and increasing sustainability in its business activities.

Corporate sustainability strategy development in the Medtech field

Client: Coloplast

We have helped Coloplast through the full process of creating their new sustainability strategy, including a Future-Fit baseline assessment of their impacts, a joint process to set KPIs and targets, as well as developing a suite of initiatives and measures to reach those targets. Camilla Hjort Pagh, Coloplast’s SVP on Global Quality & Regulatory Affairs, had this to say: “Nordic Sustainability was a competent, passionate, and professional partner for us in the development of our sustainability strategy. They helped us reach a solid baseline understanding of our impacts and were integral in ensuring our efforts have a high ambition level.”

Surveying and analyzing SDG-integration of Nordic companies

Client: UN Global Compact Nordic local networks and Nordic Council of Ministers

How are Nordic businesses working with the SDGs? Based on data from a comprehensive survey distributed to members of the UN Global Compact in all Nordic countries, this project provides unique insights into how Nordic companies are integrating the SDGs into their business activities and working with sustainability more generally. If you are interested in how Nordic companies work with sustainability and the SDGs, as well as the challenges & barriers they face in their work, check out the report Nordic Businesses and the 2030 Agenda. We supported the local networks of the UN Global Compact in developing the survey and analyzing the data and present the findings in the report.

SDG-integration and corporate responsibility reporting in the financial sector

Client: Nykredit

We assisted Nykredit, one of Denmark’s largest financial institutions, in the process of integrating the SDGs in their strategic responsibility work and strengthening their reporting on corporate responsibility. Building a tool to strategically use the SDG Compass, we assisted in prioritizing relevant SDGs and targets and developed a plug and play process for identifying relevant indicators and KPIs. We also conducted a stakeholder workshop to align prioritized SDGs in the organization. Finally, we provided support and review on the annual corporate responsibility report and GRI reporting.

Cities100 2019: Insights from 100 leading city climate action projects

Client: Realdania & C40 Cities

The Cities100 2019 report showcases the year’s most ambitious city projects that are tackling the climate crisis while creating more livable and equitable cities worldwide. The digital report was created in partnership with Realdania and C40 Cities, and through collaboration with WWF Cities. The report was launched at the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, where from the 100 cities finalists were selected for the annual C40 Cities Awards. Glean insights from sustainable city best practices by reading the report and explore the analysis through the data visualization.

Bumps on the Road to 2030: Analysing regional SGD implementation

Client: Nordic Council of Ministers and Council of the Baltic Sea States

Working with the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), we authored the report Baltic 2030: Bumps on the Road providing an overview of SDG implementation in the Baltic Sea Region, aimed at informing strategy and prioritisation discussions for national and regional collaboration. Performance on the SDGs is examined across the region’s eleven countries, while five selected SDGs are discussed at the indicator level. Based on this analysis and extensive stakeholder involvement, the report recommends seven avenues for action where CBSS and NCM can contribute to the Agenda 2030. The report is currently being presented in numerous high-level political events such as the Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).