Every organisation’s strategy should be built on sustainability. We help you get there.

We see sustainability as the defining challenge of our time. While the public sector is responsible for guiding our transition to a sustainable society, private organisations need to innovate and adjust their business models in order to stay relevant in a fast-moving world. Reducing your organisation’s impact and finding ways to provide value sustainably, are increasingly important to customers, employees, investors, and regulators.

This challenge calls for consulting expertise that helps define what a sustainable organisation looks like and can chart the way to getting there. It’s not about compliance, it’s about strategic direction. We facilitate organisational change towards sustainability and help our clients become fit for the future by providing strategy processes and reviews, actionable sustainability insights, and capacity building in organisations.

We are the leading accredited consulting partner in the Nordics for the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, the most ambitious sustainability management tool available Read more about Future-Fit here.


Corporate sustainability strategy development in the Medtech field

Client: Coloplast

We have helped Coloplast through the full process of creating their new sustainability strategy, including a Future-Fit baseline assessment of their impacts, a collaborative process to set KPIs and targets, as well as developing a suite of initiatives and measures to reach those targets. Camilla Hjort Pagh, Coloplast’s SVP on Global Quality & Regulatory Affairs, had this to say: “Nordic Sustainability was a competent, passionate, and professional partner for us in the development of our sustainability strategy. They helped us reach a solid baseline understanding of our impacts and were integral in ensuring our efforts have a high ambition level.”

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Pushing the sustainability agenda in the finance sector for impactful ESG management

Client: LD Fonde

LD Fonde is one of Denmark’s leading pension funds within sustainability and a Future-Fit Pioneer. We are collaborating with LD on a pilot program that aims for investee companies to adopt the Future-Fit Benchmark, and thereby integrate sustainability into their strategic decision-making on their way to becoming sustainable within planetary boundaries. For investors such as LD, the hope is to also get better ESG data. The project is running in 2020/21.

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Trend analysis: From a fossil fuelled economy to the sustainable bioeconomy

Client: The Nordic Council of Ministers

What is driving the transition from an economy that is based on fossil fuels to one powered by renewable, biological resources? The report Ten Trends for the Sustainable Bioeconomy provides unique insights and data on the forces driving the bioeconomy in a region covering 14 countries. In this multifaceted project, we led an extensive knowledge generation process, including surveys, expert interviews, and literature review. Stakeholder engagement was integrated throughout the process to ensure buy-in, qualify the analysis, and amplify awareness. Finally, findings were continuously communicated to actors in the region who can affect change.

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Future-Fit baseline assessment for chemical company

Client: Hempel

We supported the world-leading supplier of coating solutions, Hempel, in creating a solid baseline understanding of its sustainability impact, by performing a Future-Fit assessment. This has helped create a comprehensive and holistic understanding of sustainability among leadership and strengthened the drive and alignment in choosing priority areas to focus on going forward.

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How are Nordic businesses working with the SDGs?

Client: UN Global Compact Nordic networks and Nordic Council of Ministers

If you are interested in how Nordic companies work with sustainability and the SDGs, as well as the challenges and barriers they face in their work, check out the report Nordic Businesses and the 2030 Agenda. Based on data from a comprehensive survey distributed to members of the UN Global Compact in all Nordic countries, the report provides unique insights into how Nordic companies are integrating the SDGs into their business activities. In this project, we supported the clients through a process of knowledge generation by developing the survey, analysing the data, and presenting the findings in the report. We also engaged a significant amount of stakeholders in the process of developing the report, and supported in crafting narratives as well as distributing findings widely and to the right audiences.

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Strategy process including emissions modelling, EV transition, and Science Based Targets

Client: Hempel

We worked with Hempel, grounded on a Future-Fit baseline assessment, in the development of its upcoming sustainability strategy. As part of the corporate strategy process, we analysed growth opportunities from a sustainability perspective, aided in the development of key initiatives to drive sustainability, and provided analyses around emissions modelling, EV transition, Science Based Targets, as well as internal implementation.

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SDG-integration and corporate responsibility reporting in the financial sector

Client: Nykredit

We assisted Nykredit, one of Denmark’s largest financial institutions, in the process of integrating the SDGs in their strategic responsibility work and strengthening their reporting on corporate responsibility. Building a tool to strategically use the SDG Compass, we assisted in prioritising relevant SDGs and targets and developed a plug and play process for identifying relevant indicators and KPIs. We also engaged internal stakeholders to align prioritised SDGs in the organisation. Finally, we provided support and review on the annual corporate responsibility report and GRI reporting.

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Cities100: Insights from 100 leading city climate action projects

Client: Realdania & C40 Cities

The Cities100 2019 report showcases the most ambitious city projects that are tackling the climate crisis while creating more livable and equitable cities worldwide. The digital report was the result of a stakeholder engagement process involving several hundred city governments around the world in partnership with Realdania and C40 Cities, and through a collaboration with WWF Cities. For this project, we carried out a rigorous data-gathering exercise in order to analyse how cities are working on climate initiatives. The findings were communicated to city leaders at the C40 World Mayors Summit in 2019.

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Young SDG Innovators Program

Client: Un Global Compact Network Denmark

We have supported the Global Compact in development and delivery of the seminal Young SDG Innovators Program. The first round of the training program ran in 2019/20 and had 325 participants from 133 companies in 10 countries. We supported UN Global Compact in the conceptualization and development of the program and were facilitators in the first round and second round planned for 2021 in the Danish Global Compact Network.

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Bumps on the Road to 2030: Understanding and comparing national SGD performance

Client: Nordic Council of Ministers and Council of the Baltic Sea States

Are the Nordic and Baltic countries on track to deliver on the SDGs? In close collaboration with the clients, we authored the report Baltic 2030: Bumps on the Road providing an overview of SDG performance in the Baltic Sea Region, aimed at informing strategy and prioritising discussions for national and regional collaboration. In this project, we analysed a large dataset relating to 11 countries' performance on the SDGs and presented the findings to foster strategic change by recommending seven avenues for action. The report was a result of extensive stakeholder engagement and as a result of the buy-in created, its findings have since been presented in numerous high-level political events and have provided important nuances to the discussion on the SDGs in the Nordic countries.

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Supporting entrepreneurship program focused on sustainability

Client: The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

In 2019 The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences launched an ambitious program for furthering entrepreneurship in Sweden funded by some of the largest Swedish philanthropic family funds. To make certain that the program would support entrepreneurs in building the truly scalable and sustainable business needed in the 21st century, the academy hired Nordic Sustainability to train management and staff on how to make sustainability a key element in an organization’s operations and offerings.

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