We provide sustainability impact with a Nordic perspective

As a Copenhagen-based consultancy with deep knowledge about the Nordic perspective on sustainability, we work with Scandinavian and international clients to ensure lasting sustainability impact.

We see sustainability as an innovation and strategy agenda. It is about staying relevant in a fast-moving world where impact is ever more important in any organisation, public or private. Equally, it means rethinking the ways we organise and metrics we choose to view the world and our activities. Luckily, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a unique future forecast and framework for organisations to guide their development.

This calls for consulting expertise that is less about compliance and more about strategic direction. We facilitate organiational change towards sustainability by providing strategy processes, sustainability insights, and thought leadership on our clients’ journey to become fit for the future.

Our services

Strategic processes for sustainability impact

Working with clients to align current and future activities towards better business and effective governance. Based on SDG and future fitness frameworks, our approaches and tools take clients through systematic processes that drive business innovation and organisational development for sustainability impact.

Insights for better decision-making

Developing analyses and reports that help organisations make informed decisions and better understand their role and impacts in the industry and society at large. Our knowledge within the sustainability agenda and experience within public and corporate risk and change management help clients take the right next steps.

Thought leadership for positioning

Shaping narratives on strategic agendas and helping clients demonstrate sustainability leadership. We help organisations push the envelope in today’s fast-changing world by creating internal alignment and telling the world about their sustainability activities.

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SDG performance analysis and aligned strategic recommendations

Client: CBSS & NCM

Working with the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), we authored the report Baltic 2030: Bumps on the Road providing an overview of SDG implementation in the Baltic Sea Region, aimed at informing strategy and prioritisation discussions for national and regional collaboration. Performance on the SDGs is examined across the region’s eleven countries, while five selected SDGs are discussed at the indicator level. Based on this analysis and extensive stakeholder involvement, the report recommends seven avenues for action where CBSS and NCM can contribute to the Agenda 2030. The report is currently being presented in numerous high-level political events such as the Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

Sustainable supply chains & business operations

Client: BRIO

Our knowledge of strategic and operational sustainability management helps our clients structure and operationalise real impact to be fit for the future, and we are able to support with management systems as well as certifications. For BRIO, we provide ongoing support to its CSR department on quality & risk management throughout the organisation and its supply chain, especially regarding the sourcing of certified wood for their iconic toys.

Ocean bioeconomy recommendations and high-level forum facilitation

Client: NORA and project partners: NCM, FAO, the Commonwealth Secretariat & The Government of the Faroe Islands

We supported NORA, an intergovernmental organisation, in running a 3-day Forum on Blue Growth and bioeconomy in Malta and authoring the report Blue Growth in Large Ocean Nations. The Forum brought together delegates from 15 different nations, including ambassadors and ministers, with the aim of discussing the potentials of sustainable Blue Growth and promoting greater collaboration between nations. We planned and facilitated a process that led the participants through various case studies and discussion sessions, the conclusions of which are presented in a report with seven recommendations and 24 ideas for initiatives that can nurture more sustainable Blue Growth activities in Large Ocean Nations.

SDG training on impact, implementation, and thought leadership

Client: Swedish Institute

We supported the Swedish Institute with SDG training and process facilitation for the Baltic Leadership Programme on Agenda 2030. The training program targets national sustainability experts and policy coordinators under the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), focusing on implementation of the SDGs at national and regional levels across all countries in the region. We led a series of workshops and presentations on SDG impact, thought leadership, BSR SDG performance, and EU SDG implementation in Stockholm, Tallinn, and Brussels, while also developing an internal podcast tailored for participants to stay up to date on the program content.

Business opportunities and sustainability impact in new markets

Client: Bright

Working together with BRIGHT, we have provided support with business development and analysis towards more sustainable business operations. In this particular project, we evaluated business opportunities in South Asian markets and reviewed their impact through supply of off-grid solar solutions in new, unexplored market segments.