Nordic Sustainability is a value-based consultancy working at the intersection of strategy and sustainability. We help clients become fit for the future by providing strategy processes, sustainability insights, and thought leadership. Our work is based on trust, stakeholder involvement, and flexibility in planning and execution. To us, this is the Nordic way of creating sustainable results.

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Featured Case

How are Nordic companies working with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Client: UN Global Compact Nordic local networks and Nordic Council of Ministers

Based on data from a comprehensive survey distributed to members of the UN Global Compact in all Nordic countries, this project provides unique insights into how Nordic companies are integrating the SDGs into their business activities and working with sustainability more generally. If you are interested in how Nordic companies work with sustainability and the SDGs, as well as the challenges & barriers they face in their work, check out the report Nordic Businesses and the 2030 Agenda. We supported the local networks of the UN Global Compact in developing the survey and analyzing the data and present the findings in the report.