EU Policy Briefing: Circular Economy and Products

BY Maja Johannessen, Michelle Gordon

Sustainability policy is moving at a lightning pace in the EU. It can be difficult to have an overview and to understand what matters most for your company.


  • Maja Johannessen – Senior Manager at Nordic Sustainability
  • Michelle Gordon – Senior Consultant at Nordic Sustainability


This webinar will provide a short-and-sweet 30-minute policy briefing, geared towards companies manufacturing or selling physical products in the EU – followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. However, it will also be relevant to any sustainability professionals or organisations interested in the circular economy.

We’ll provide an overview of:

  1. An overview of relevant policy areas and how they fit together
  2. Where EU circular economy policy is heading
  3. What companies should be aware of when it comes to policy relating to finance and reporting, product design, and product communication

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Author details

Maja Johannessen

Head of Innovation and Knowledge, Senior Manager

Michelle Gordon