Communicating Sustainability – Achieving effective and truthful communication

BY Morten Jastrup

How companies communicate sustainability initiatives can determine the difference between building brand value or ending in an ordeal of greenwashing accusations. In this webinar, you will learn how to navigate the pitfalls and make the most of sustainability work through balanced and clear sustainability communication backed by data.

Effective communication is an essential part of a company and provides an opportunity to strengthen relations with stakeholder groups. Communicating sustainability involves much more than a communications strategy, it can include anything from certification and rating systems to internal policies and procedures. Communicating sustainability can be difficult due to the many elements that need to be taken into account. To avoid the risk of greenwashing, companies can take a bottom-up approach to communicate their initiatives and ambitions within sustainability.

Morten Jastrup, Partner at Nordic Sustainability, has experience in guiding companies on sustainability communication and leads the webinar. With previous career experience as a journalist, he is passionate about the art of honest communication. He outlines the basics of what sustainability really means and then discusses the challenges when it comes to communicating truthfully. To help equip companies with the answers, he offers three rules of thumb that will help ensure good communication.

At the end of the webinar, Morten offers 5 key takeaways of communicating sustainability:

  1. Communicate honestly and clearly – keep things in perspective
  2. Downplaying is better than bragging – acknowledge the scope of the challenge
  3. Humour is good – when it’s at your own expense
  4. Do not come up with your own definitions of sustainability – use the best of the existing ones
  5. Get a handle on the base of the pyramid first – actions speak louder than words

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