Are we looking towards a 2019 green Danish election race?

4 May 2018

In Denmark recently, the political parties across the aisle are starting to compete on the green agenda. In the Danish Daily Information, I’m quoted as saying that this may be characterized as a ‘race to the top’ on environmental and climate change issues as it looks now.

Just a few days ago the Social Democrates announced an ambitious new green program, including a 20 billion DKK climate fund, and a few weeks ago the governing party, Venstre, announced their proposal towards a new energy agreement by changing their visual identy from blue to green for several weeks. Add on top of this several smaller Danish parties that have more ambitious stances on the environmental and climate change agenda than the Social democrats and Venstre.

The green agenda in Denmark needs bipartisan support and political consensus on investments and regulations in order to nurture the green transition. I think there is reason to believe that this will also be the case as we head towards elections in 2019 and that we might see the first national election race in Denmark where the green agenda is part of the top three questions to be discussed.

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Esben Samsø Lanthén

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