Sustainability in the pharma industry – and how to communicate it

During the past two years, society has looked to the pharmaceutical sector to get us out of the COVID-pandemic. People around the world are dependent on pharmaceuticals to overcome diseases every day. The necessity for pharmaceutical products has meant that, historically, regulation has prioritized ensuring product quality and consumer safety over environmental sustainability. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the sector has some significant sustainability challenges to deal with.


  • Maja Johannessen, Manager, Nordic Sustainability
  • Esben Lanthén, Managing Partner, Nordic Sustainability
  • Camille Aulkær Andersen, Partner & Director, Kompas Kommunikation


In this webinar, we aim to locate environmental hotspots within the pharma supply chain and suggest an approach for companies to start addressing these issues. New regulation is a big force driving sustainability within the industry, and we will cover some of the implications of the EU’s new pharmaceutical strategy. The sustainability consultancy Nordic Sustainability and the communication agency Kompas have teamed up to not only cover the sustainability challenges, but also the way forward, which includes transparent communication about the company’s sustainability journey.

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Author details

Maja Johannessen

Head of Innovation and Knowledge, Senior Manager

Esben Samsø Lanthén

Managing Partner