Viessmann: Pioneering sustainable business model transformation

It’s ever clearer that sustainability is a strategic agenda – but examples of companies successfully integrating it into their core business model are few and far between. In this webinar, we will present an exciting practical case of a company that is well underway in transforming their business around sustainability – the German heating and cooling company Viessmann.


  • Sven Beyersdorff, Managing partner, Nordic Sustainability
  • Andreas Wade, Group Sustainability Director, Viessmann


As part of its ambitious target structure, Viessmann has set themselves the target of generating 30% of total revenue from circular business models by 2030. In the webinar, we will be joined by Andreas Wade, Director Group Sustainability at Viessmann, and one of Europe’s leading sustainability executives.

In the webinar, we will explore:

  1.  How Viessmann went about developing a sustainability strategy that is getting international recognition
  2. What challenges there were and are around the business model transformation.
  3. Steps the company is taking to create the conditions in the industry to facilitate its sustainable business model development

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Sven Beyersdorff

Managing Partner