CSRD – What to expect from the new EU directive on sustainability reporting

The launch, and now initial implementation, of the EU Taxonomy is showing potential to significantly change how businesses in the EU work with sustainability. With this year’s proposed Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), businesses will now be further held responsible for a comprehensive scope of impact as the combined requirements from the Taxonomy and the CSRD will transform how companies both work with and report on their sustainability management.


  • Esbenn Lanthén, Managing partner, Nordic Sustainability
  • Maja Johansen, Senior Manager, Nordic Sustainability
  • Peter Gylling Krusaa, Senior Lead Regulatory Advisor, Ørsted


We start the webinar by providing key updates on the developments of the EU Taxonomy and a thorough introduction to the CSRD, and then move on to discuss the potential ways in which sustainability expectations will shift in the light of these new developments. With us we also have Peter Gylling Krusaa from Ørsted, who will give some valuable insights on how these new developments can be applied in practice.

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Maja Johannessen

Head of Innovation and Knowledge, Senior Manager

Esben Samsø Lanthén

Managing Partner